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Kraker Trailers has been at the pinnacle of the development and production of moving floor trailers for many years already. Decades of experience and a focus on constant innovation with customer convenience at the top of the list have earned Kraker Trailers the reputation of "Masters in Moving Floor Trailers".

Kraker Trailers is Europe's leading manufacturer of moving floor trailers. The factory in Axel produces trailers that are currently sold globally through an extensive network.

Kraker Trailers underlined its innovative character with the introduction of K-Force, a new type of trailer in which heavy duty welds have been replaced by solid bobtail joints. The K-Force caused a shockwave in the transport industry, because this was the first time a trailer manufacturer had opted for bolted connections.

The K-Force has since become the new standard. This lightweight moving floor trailer has been tried and tested in practice. Innovation never stands still at Kraker Trailers, however, and further development of the K-Force concept has continued. This has resulted, among others, in the K-Force HD (with welded chassis) and the K-Force HD Agrar, which is shorter and has been developed specifically for the agricultural sector.
With a largely standardised option package, the trailers fit in seamlessly with the wishes of customers.
Kraker Trailers is committed to the uncompromised quality and strength of the product and offers up to five years warranty on paint and construction.

We deliver our vehicles worldwide: unique to the K-Force concept is the efficient, worldwide shipping and delivery. In addition to full assembly (ready trailers that are collected from Kraker Trailers in Axel) the K-Force is also available as a kit. The K-Force moving floor trailer can be assembled on location.

Kraker Trailers has the best parts available at the most competitive prices The Kraker Trailers online store has all the parts available that have been used on your moving floor trailer and which you can easily replace yourself. Are you unable to find the right part or are you unsure about the different parts? Contact our After Sales Team on +31 (0)115 - 56 17 40.